Counseling Psychology: Personal Narrative

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I have always wanted to be the person others look to when they feel scared or vulnerable. In return for that trust, I have put enormous effort into helping people who seek me out identify their best options for the future. Not until I encountered life in all its confusing, brutal truth, however, did I realize I wanted to occupy that advisor’s role as a professional. My aim in applying to Northwestern is to become a licensed professional counselor in my home state of Wisconsin so that I can help young people tackle everyday problems, learn life skills, and ultimately, be the best people they can be. Ultimately, my goal is to complete a doctorate in counseling psychology, from University of Wisconsin-Madison in particular, after completion of my master’s degree while gaining vital work experience in my field and to use my expertise to train other aspiring professionals in my field.
Counseling starts with empathy, and as a result of my college experience, I am uniquely positioned to approach struggling adolescents with compassion.
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For six hours per week, I will have the chance to serve as a role model for residents as they transition from a juvenile delinquency back to their families, schools and neighborhoods. I am excited to intervene at this crucial junction in their lives, when they face a host of new challenges and choices, and I look forward to enhancing my understanding of a population I will undoubtedly encounter as a child and adolescent counselor. Though my struggle has differed significantly from theirs, I know my experiences have given me patience and perspective that will inform our conversations and, hopefully, prove value to them. I am very proud of my accomplishments over the past year and a half, and I am determined to keep moving
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