Counseling Reflection

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As I read through this chapter, there were many things that stood out to me. The first thing that caught my attention is how closely related interviewing, counseling, and psychotherapy are. I have always focused on the difference between them, but hearing about the similarities really opened my eyes to see how they relate to each other. All of these processes require the same set of skills in order to be successful at them. Another thing that stood out to me while reading this chapter is the Microskills Hierarchy. This was very helpful in breaking down the steps of intentional counseling and psychotherapy and showing how each step relates to the skills that we need to succeed as counselors. In addition, the section regarding Phone, Skype,…show more content…
Overall, I believe that both of these professions are vital to the general wellbeing of society. Throughout my life, there are a couple of personal relationships have shaped me positively. First, my personal relationship with my family has helped shape me into the woman that I have become today. They have taught me how to be respectful and responsible, as well as how to try my best and push myself to my fullest abilities. Furthermore, having friends to support me has also given me strength and courage to overcome obstacles that I have faced. One last personal relationship that really helped give me strength was my relationship with on teacher I had in high school. She helped me significantly through school while I was being bullied and she taught me a lot of valuable information that I still carry with me to this day. Overall, I feel that I have a variety of assets that I bring to the counseling profession. To begin with, I am very empathetic and love to help people with issues or stressors that they may be dealing with. This asset is something that I quickly picked up on and enjoy doing very much. I remember a lot of my friends in school calling me “Dr. Phil” because they knew that if they were having a problem that I was the one to go to! Another thing that I bring to this profession is my strong motivation and passion. When I was in high school, I was severely bullied and hated going to school; I was
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