Counseling Services For A Counselor

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Individual Assignment

1. There are times a counselor might need to decline to provide counseling services to some clients/students who request them. a) In what circumstances might this be appropriate and ethical and how should that process be handled by the counselor? b) When would it be unethical for a counselor to decline to provide services? Support each response with a minimum of 3 relevant ACA and/or ASCA codes and the textbook.
a) There are several times that a counselor might need to decline to provide counseling services. If a counselor is not competent in a specific area, has determined distance counseling is ineffective, and/or has been engaged in a previous sexual or romantic relationship with an individual counselors should not engage in, or continue, counseling services. Counselors also should not enter into counseling relationships with friends or family.
ACA A.11.a Competence Within Termination and Referral If counselors lack the competence to be of professional assistance to clients, they avoid entering or continuing counseling relationships. Counselors are knowledgeable about culturally and clinically appropriate referral resources and suggest these alternatives. If clients decline the suggested referrals, counselors discontinue the relationship.
ACA H.4.d. Effectiveness of Services When distance counseling services are deemed ineffective by the counselor or client, counselors consider delivering services face-to-face. If the counselor is not able to…
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