Counseling : The Youth Lgbtq

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Counseling the Youth LGBTQ
Paige McKenzie
Columbia College

Adolescents in general are often faced with many obstacles throughout their teenage years however; when homosexuality is in the equation this can make issues more complex. Adolescent who do not fit the “norm” because they are questioning their sexuality; they often experience discrimination, substance abuse, higher rates of suicide and victimization. As a result this group is considered to be a high risk population. When communities lack Gay- Straight Alliances also known as GSA adolescents are often shunned and are forced to hide their sexual orientation in social isolation. Increasing GSA support groups will help LBGTQ youths develop a positive self-image.

Why offer counseling to the youth LGBTQ Social isolation is only a fraction of the issues that threatens the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered an or questioning sexuality youths. For these youths adolescent years can be particularly lonely and painful. These populations of youths are especially susceptible to problems such as anxiety, substance abuse, homelessness, depression and suicide. When adolescents have a support system such as the gay- straight alliance also known as the (GSA) it mediates some of the issues these adolescents encounter. Furthermore it can also educate peers to alleviate discrimination that LBGTQ face at school and around their communities when dealing with everyday situations. Support…
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