Counseling Theoretical Framework 1

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Directions: Complete the theoretical framework by filling in the blank spaces with the requested information. (1) Under the Theorist/Description column, identify the major theorist (s) and describe (50+ words) the respective theory in the far left column. (2) Under the Intent column, state (50+ words) what you believe is the intent of the theory. (3) Choose one from the
Looks like, Feels Like, Sounds Like. (4) Under the Self­Evaluation/Areas of Growth columns, rate yourself. (5) Then, state area (s) you need to grow in. Complete your assignment as an attachment. Counseling Theoretical Framework





Looks Se
Like lf­
Feels Ev
Like al
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It fascinates me that some people remember quite a bit of the details of events that happened early in life, while others do not. In some cases, the Existential

and the creations responsibility, others of their own lives; meaning in life, and living in that is, people the striving for the home, develop a unique success, completion, life tasks, style of living that and perfection. It and early is both a also focuses on recollecti movement toward inferiority feelings, ons. and an expression which are viewed as 2. The of their selected a normal condition client goals. In this of all people and as feels sense, we create a source of human respected ourselves rather striving that can be by the than merely being the wellspring of therapist shaped by our creativity. and childhood views the experiences. Adler therapist was the forerunner as of a subjective trustwort approach to hy. psychology that
3. The focuses on internal therapist determinants of listens, behavior such as responds, values, beliefs, and attitudes, goals, demonstr interests, and the ates individual respect perception of for the reality. This clients’ approach is capacity holistic, social, to goal­oriented, understan systemic, and d purpose humanistic. and seek change. Viktor Frankl was This therapy allows 1. Help the a Frankl developed us to free choices client a psychological and decisions.
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