Counseling Theoretical Model Essay

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There are many theoretical models of counseling. Often, a diverse approach or the use of several approaches is best for the resolution of problems. I utilize several different theories and strategies in my role as a counselor. However, it is the Individual personal theory and the Family theory model that anchors my orientation to counseling as a Christian counselor.
Individual personal theory of counseling is very important for the successes of any therapeutic process that affects how I council. Personal perspective, how the world works, belief system, the way things interact, and how they actually are form the basis of working of all individuals in life. In order to have the best decision with respect to any therapeutic process, I
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In family system theory, it is believed that the impact of the relation of individuals on their lives is more than on a counselor and the individuals play a very important role in order to recover faster. In this system, changes in a family comes due to the interaction between the family individuals and therefore more emphasis are put on the relationships within a family which plays important role in the well being of a family with regard to psychological health (Titelman, 1998).
System perspective is the procedure that I use in family system theory because it is believed that the functionality of an individual reflects the functionality of a family and shows the way a family functions. Even though individuals can exhibit symptoms that are different from that in the family, they usually have impact on the rest of family members (Broderick, 1993). Family system theory is therefore concerned with changing the family system as a strategy of changing the individual. This is achieved through alteration of the dysfunctional systems of incorporating and integrating functional systems of interacting. In our Christian counseling process Family systems theory has been applied to solve various dilemmas in a family set up and has been very successful. There are limited categories that this therapy has
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