Counseling Theories and Use in School Setting

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Counseling Theories and Their Application in Schools Counseling in schools is more than scheduling students and career planning. Counseling in schools also includes counseling a diverse population with a variety of problems. Understanding counseling theories will help school counselors to effectively help the special populations on their campus. This paper will explore the key concepts, therapeutic process and applications of Adlerian Theory, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. These therapies will also be evaluated as to their appropriateness with school-aged and adolescent children.
Adlerian Theory
Key Concepts Alfred Adler is known worldwide as a philosopher and psychiatrist. He based his theories
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152). Students are asked to set goals and then are exposed to skills, structures and habits that will help them to boost their potential and social context.
Clinicians use a variety of interventions when working with clients including discussing the client’s earliest recollections and helping to change the client’s perspectives on their lifestyle. Adlerian therapy has a broad scope, including multicultural groups due to its focus on the individual and their background. Clients with psychotic disorders are not good candidates for this type of therapy though because they are not capable of the self-examination required (Seligman & Reichenberg, 2010, p. 74).
The appeal to Adlerian therapy in a school setting is the focus on social context. If you have ever spent any time in a school setting, you can see the social dynamics between the students. Children and adolescents fit well into Adler’s idea that people have the basic motivation to belong to a group and have the need for significance and self-worth. In the same token, these strong desires to belong highlight the need for interventions to help client’s change their perspectives on their life and world-views. From a school perspective, I also like that Adlerian theory recognizes a person’s background, but also helps the client to see that they do not have to be victimized by their childhood and
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