Counseling Theory And Methods Of A Counselor

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Counseling Theory and Methods II- Case Study As a potential counselor, one must commit 700 hours of practicum/internship hours in order to complete the Counseling Psychology M.A program. During this internship process, a counselor will have to cultivate many case conceptualization to help their clients. By creating case conceptualizations, not only will it be the foundation for a treatment plan for the client, but it will encourage self-growth for the counselor as well. As each therapist has their own preference of conceptualizations, this specific case conceptualization will focus on the client’s identifying information, counselor’s choice of evidence-based practice, health symptoms and signs of psychopathology, interventions, level of attachment style, and the main role of the therapist. Identifying Information Carla Rivers is a 38 year old Caucasian, heterosexual, married, raped survivor female. Along with being married for 14 years, she is a mother of three children and is a practicing Christian. While she is a stay home mom, she is active in educational and religious commitments. It is noteworthy to indicate Carla does not have any hobbies nor have close social/friendships. Furthermore, Carla’s physical appearance seems well-groomed, ordinary and simple. For the most part Carla is physically healthy besides dealing with an intestinal disorder. From a mental health standpoint, the quality of Carla’s speech was within normal limits, attention and cognitive functioning
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