Counseling Theory And Theory Of Counseling Essay

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As a counseling student, it is very important to formulate a counseling theory tailored to ones’ own personality and beliefs. A counselor may choose a single theory to model when practicing therapy or pick and choose components and techniques from various theories, otherwise known as eclecticism. No theory is considered right or wrong. Understanding the different therapeutic approaches are important to effective counseling, however, counselors must also understand their own personal value, view of human nature, human behavior, counseling techniques and the purpose and goals of counseling. Understanding these components along with the different theoretical approaches will provide the counselor with a 9 knowledge of their own counseling, orientation and is essential to not only the productivity of counseling but the growth of the counselor as well. View of Human Nature My theoretical orientation gravitates strongly toward a humanistic and goal oriented theory of counseling. I agree with the Freudian psycho-analysis approach in that development happens within the first six years of life and these experiences are what influence our present behavior, however, it is my belief that human behavior is motivated through our conscious and all behavior is goal-oriented and has a desired result. Our social environment and past experiences are what strongly enhances our behavior and the decisions that we make. With this is mind, it is understood that we are in control of our actions,
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