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1. Introduction 2 2. Understanding the concept of the theory by answering Questions 1 – 42 2 - 12 3. Conclusion 13 4. Bibliography 14

1. Introduction: This movie is about how families and friends cope with a mental illness. With the help of Dr Berman, it is clear how to be able to unravel Lars’s needs in a slow pace. Her focus is on her professional, yet intimate relationship with Lars. The movie teaches us how we should not hope for a life without problems or obstacles but rather see them as opportunities to grow in our capacity to love and be kind.

2. Understanding the concepts and the theory by answering questions 1 to 48

1. What
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9. Gus asks Dr Berman: “What is he doing with a delusion?” Provide a definition of delusion. “A delusion is a false belief, a misleading opinion / idea / impression / illusion - with an actual fact that is firmly maintained”. []

Delusion means: An inflexible belief with which a person is preoccupied and to which the person firmly holds, despite the illogical belief and a lack of supporting evidence. They vary in strength, degree and consistency and may represent overstatement of normal tendencies, reason and wishful thinking.

10. Which therapeutic or medical approach do you think Dr Berman’s explanation of mental illness fits into? Motive your answer. Person-centred approach, because Dr Berman focused on Lars’s needs and Bianca. She was putting Lars’s needs first. Dr Berman was responsive. She respected his values and she involved Lars’s family and friends to go along in order to help him.

11. What do you think is the reason for Bianca being in town? Proposition/theory? Lars’s unwanted feelings are displaced onto Bianca. He is working out a psychological problem. Lars is using Bianca as an transitional object.

12. Dr Berman tells Gus that Bianca is real. What do you think? Which proposition applies? Dr Berman told Gus that Bianca is real. She is a perfectly formed doll. She does exist even though she is not a real human being. Bianca is a
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