Counselling Skills and Their Impact Upon You Essay

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The Title of the Paper Goes HereAuthor Name of school or research organization Course Name (for student papers only; DELETE THIS FOR ARTICLES) Instructor (for student papers only; DELETE THIS FOR ARTICLES) Date Submitted (for student papers only; DELETE THIS FOR ARTICLES) Check with your instructor to see if the above info is required!Type Title HereCounselling is defined as an exchange between two people, the counselor helping the client, to explore and strengthen difficulty experience by the client in the way they deal with relationship, emotional and or behavioral problems which have a profound negative effect on the clients life. Counseling the counselor works alongside with the client to explore these difficulties and to make…show more content…
This challenge has led to severe anxiety and distress. The impact of trying to balance both work and academic studies has led to severe anxiety and distress. Balancing the two made me feel frustrated, inferior, self conscious that (had an impact to my / that reflected with my) self esteem as a person. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – from “Psychology - The Search for Understanding” by Janet A. Simons, Donald B. Irwin and Beverly A. Drinnien I started to feel overwhelmed and compassion in a sence. Into the first few weeks of studing i began with this habit of chewing my nails, feeling recklessness and was getting more reckless A few week into studies at times would feel as though im in my teens back at school overwhelmed in the environment. Then When I attempted to begin my first assignemtn t that’s when I was no longer feeling in my teens but a toddler having outburst and tantrums ready to scream yet cry as I could see how difficult it was to reflect the words in my mind to as simply directively put on paper. when I Then I daunted, I began to commense on my first assignement with the and having received an assignement I was anxious to challenge my self’s ability to finally making my first attempt to actually acknowledge perseption counseling techniques that takes place and the myriad empathy, compassion, respect, support, open mindednedd and a non judgmental approach. Start typing the text of your
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