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Imran Manzoor Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Leeds City College Assignment Unit Title: M/601/7633 Advanced Counselling Skills 1. Understand the process of a series of counselling sessions 1.1 Identify the stages of counselling sessions A counselling relationship is likened to being on a journey - a beginning, middle and end (Smallwood, 2013). During the beginning phase the client develops sufficient trust in the counsellor and the relationship ‘to explore the previously feared edges of his awareness’ (Mearns and Thorne, 1988, p.126). According to Mearns and Thorne (1988) the middle period is characterised by: intimacy, when the client experiences the counsellor as showing complete understanding, trust…show more content…
It is important, during these final stages, that the counsellor and client can resolve any unfinished business and have time to consider the complex feelings about endings. According to Dryden and Feltham (1994), ‘a fear of loss may cause some clients to cling on to relationships in life and this will obviously have some bearing on the therapeutic relationship.’ As the counsellor, I need to be aware of what an ending might signify for the client, and for me, and manage these ethically and with the guidance of my supervisor. 1.6 Explain the importance of ensuring than an environment is suitable and safe As Bond (1993) states, we must protect the client from any harm caused by attending counselling. To ensure emotional and physical safety, practitioners are strongly encouraged to ensure the counselling room is a comfortable, quiet calm room at the just the right temperature, free from interruption (Julie, 2006). If the client’s privacy is invaded through unwarranted interruptions, it may leave the client feeling unvalued and emotionally and physically unsafe. The chairs should be comfortable and arranged so as to help the client/counsellor relax and not feel tense. Neither occupant should be in a domineering position, adding emotional security. The counsellor should be mindful about where they position themselves in terms of their own physical safety e.g. close to the
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