Counselling skills

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Introduction The aims of this assignment are to explore where I am in relation to counselling skills and to show evidence that I have started to identify and reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses in relation to using counselling skills. I will first look at the counselling skill inventory and give a brief overview of which skills I feel most comfortable using and which I find more challenging, I will then go on to discuss in detail 3 skills that I wish to focus on and develop more during my course. In writing this essay I hope to gain a better of awareness of my strengths and weaknesses and to understand what my learning needs are so that I can become a more effective support worker, which in turn will help the clients that I…show more content…
I have found it to be more comfortable to set time boundaries at the beginning of a session so that the client knows what time they have, but sometimes I find it difficult to redirect the conversation back to the issues that need to be explored. During our practice sessions in class we are required to give feedback to other students I like to do this when it’s positive but find it difficult when it’s not, I believe this is due to me thinking that my negative comments may lead to arguments, this is an issue of mine I need to explore further in order to develop this skill. When I have received negative feedback it has knocked my confidence but usually I will recognise that I’ve made a mistake or that I’ve forgotten something and try to rectify this the next time I have a chance to. Using Silence A definition of silence in counselling: “The temporary absence of any
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