Counselor Amy Lipton Case Study

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Statistics and Related Measures The data presented represents the hours and activities, both direct and indirect services, which Counselor Amy Lipton spent during the first semester of the academic school year. Based on the data provided, the descriptive statistics method is the most suitable to this client case. After examining the data that was given, two sample groups were determined which were the direct and indirect services. The hours per service in the sample represents ratio data. Salkind states that ratio is “the level of measurement that stipulates there is an absolute zero to the scale” (Salkind, 2017, p.158). The standard deviation that was used to calculate the ratio would be mean. According to Salkind, the mean is “a type of average in which scores are summed and divided by the number of observations” (Salkind, 2017, p.52).
Analysis of Data
Based on the data presented, Ms. Lipton spent more time with the direct services than the indirect services. After calculating the mean of her hours, Ms. Lipton spent 13.9 hours per indirect services and averaged 28.5 per direct services. Ms. Lipton spent a total of 314 hours on 11 direct services and 299 hours on 22 indirect service hours. After reviewing the data and time spent on crisis situations, potential interventions that the counselor could use
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43). The counselor spent an immense amount of hours conducting direct services which includes peer mediation, crisis intervention, and individual counseling. Similar to direct services, the counselor spent much of her time with indirect services as well. The indirect services that were administered were hall duty, community outreach activities, and fair share duties for testing. Indirect services are “services provided on the behalf of students as a result of the school counselor’s interactions with others” (ASCA, 2017, p.
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