Counselor Ethics and Practices

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PCN-505 Counselor Ethical Boundaries and Practices Denise I Ratliff Professor RaTonya Bennett March 30, 2016 * * * * Introduction Ethics, boundaries and potential dual relationships are important for counselors to comprehend. Understanding the code of ethics and understanding the many facets of counselor /patient scenarios that can arise during a professional relationship. Dual relationships is a gray area in which there is a very paramount question that the counseling professional need to address and that is; whether a dual relationship is necessary. Simply put, impractical dual relationships can be charged with unnecessary jeopardy. Certain situations may arise in which a dual relationship could be hard…show more content…
In the best interest as a rule the counseling professional, regardless of location, (rural, urban, city) are to evade dual relationships if at all possible. A boundary infraction occurs when the counselor crosses the line of civility and principle and misuses his/her influence to exploit the client for the counselor’s own gain. Boundary breaches conventionally involve exploitive business or sexual relationships. However, boundary crossings are often part of well-constructed treatment plans and, as such, they can increment therapeutic efficacy. “This is why the professional must possess the competence to master his/her task. Continually practicing ethical behavior and accountability because he/she is accountable to the client as well as to the public” (A.5.c. Code of Ethics) state “Counselor-client nonprofessional relationships should be avoided, except when the interaction is potentially beneficial to the client.” (ACA, 2015). A social dual relationship or dual sexual relationship is one in which a therapist and client are friends, acquaintances or have some other type sexual relationship within their community or with a client. A Dual relationship by way of friends or the establishment of friendly relationship can be problematic in the field of counseling; friends and counselors are not compatible. A dual sexual relationship is an involvement between
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