Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities Essay

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Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities Assignment Mishawna Washington Grand Canyon University: PCN 505 July 31, 2013 Counselor Values On the issue of abortion with the 19-year old rape victim, I feel that she has a right to choose whether or not to go through with the abortion. As her counselor I have to put my personal feelings aside and help her to make the best decision for herself. My client is firm in her plans to have the abortion and since she is an adult her parents have no legal right to make her change her mind. I am unable to convince the parents to change their minds as they are not my clients and I have no input in how they feel. According to the ACA (2005) I must be sensitive to the family’s cultural beliefs and in the…show more content…
It is my job as a professional to put all those differences aside and view my client as just that. A client of mine that has enlisted my help with an issue they are facing and my focus should remain on helping my client and not judging them for their lifestyle. Lastly, clients have the right to quality care. The NAADAC (2011) states, “The addiction professional espouses objectivity and integrity and maintains the highest standards in the services provided.” As a professional counselor I will be an advocate for my clients. I will stay up to date with the latest research and counseling techniques. In an article by Eberstein (1977) he states “ Don’t use new styles or fads for treatment when they have not yet been accepted or approved by your professional body.” Although we may use these new techniques we should be properly trained on how to use them properly first. Clients deserve to be provided with the best we have to offer which means updated assessments and quick results. I will keep my personal opinions to myself and will not attempt to force them onto my clients. I will remain professional at all times. Responsibility to Warn and Protect The duty to warn and protect is the result of the Supreme Court case Tarasoff v Regents of the University of California. (Gehring 1982) In this case the courts decided that a psychotherapist having knowledge of the
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