Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities

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Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities Nyenye Matthews Grand Canyon University: UNV 505 Instructor Renee Thompson Counselor Values As a counselor we’re taught to put our own values and beliefs aside and provide services to our clients even if our values and beliefs do not coincide. When topics such as abortion and assisted suicide are brought up, I express my personal values about them. Abortion is a very sensitive topic for some individuals. My personal values towards abortion are I am for it and I’m speaking from my own personal experience. As a woman, it’s hard to decide to get an abortion but there are a lot of reasons as to why a woman may get the procedure done.…show more content…
Poland and McCormick (1999) stated that “notifying police is not sufficient action to protect the counselor from a lawsuit if the client 's threat is carried out.” Client Record-Keeping Client record-keeping is related to competent, ethical practice because as a counselor you have to document the
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