Counselor Identity Report Essay

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Abstract Often in life it is important for us to reflect on what career path we will take. It helps to better define who we are as individuals, what we stand for, it allows others to know your background, why you are so passionate about it, and why you chose to follow a certain path in life. This paper will answer several of these questions as we delve into wondering when was the first time I recall an individual applying counseling skills with me, my feelings, and the outcome of the encounter, and how has that influenced my counseling perspective. We will identify what I believe is the best type of help for me when I am in a personal crisis. Describe the first time that I considered counseling as a career and what was happening in…show more content…
Everything about it just clicked. I feel that a professional counselor should have several ideal personal attributes. They should be astounding listeners. Counselors should also hold themselves to a very high ethical standard, even in their own personal lives. Additional counselor attributes, skills and techniques that have been identified as important to the counseling process include, congruence, concreteness, immediacy, paraphrasing, reflection, problem solving, challenge, confrontation, and positive nonverbal communication (Pope-Davis, 2002, p 356). A counselor should also explore and practice getting started, contracting, gathering information, eliciting the client’s story, and being sensitive to the timing of interventions. (Pope-Davis, 2002, p 356). I am equipped with the ability to thoroughly and effectively listen. It is not just about hearing what the client is saying. You have to also be able to listen to what the client is not saying. All too many times do we ask others “How are you today?” It takes someone with a sixth sense to truly feel if that person is saying what they mean. I definitely feel this and am able to empathize with my clients. I also feel that a counselor should have a way about themselves where they appear strong and flawless. They must be the one the client tries to emulate. They should not have problems and issues that can clearly be seen from the
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