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Counselor Interview What practice settings did you considered when you chose the counselor to interview? I was considering interviewing a counselor in the community counseling setting as I, myself is on the same track with the same interest, and motivation. However, while my interest falls toward community settings or private practice, I interviewed a counselor who works at Cuyahoga Community College on the east side campus. She has been counselor about 13 years. Prior to the interview my understanding was, working as a counselor in a school stings, it would need to have school counseling license. As she further explained it, as a LPC she is entitled to work in school setting at Tri-C. She defined counseling a guidance that helps with the development of a student academically and socially. What other professionals are employed in this setting and what are their roles at the agency? As we continued the interview, she talked about their services that they provide including academic, career, and personal counseling. Besides counselors, there are two par time psychologists, who provide assessment for students. How does the professional counselor interact with other professionals (e.g., interdisciplinary treatment team) The counselors do interact on regular basis with the psychologists, as they have a common goal for its students, they work collaboratively. Their philosophy of counseling is that all students are unique
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