Counselor Should Be Open And Honest

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of spirituality, persistence, forgiveness, resistance, humor, wisdom, and resilience in these children. Counselors should investigate what external factors are related to the presenting problem. Professionals help the clients define goals and ways of getting to them; Ask about ways the person, family, and friends have handled similar problems successfully; After goals have been established, counselors should collaborate with the child on treatment options; Counseling would find focus with a solution-focused and problem-solving approach may be more acceptable.”
Counselor should be open and honest because it helps the clients to comfortable with speaking about their current situation. Demonstrating the respect for cultural differences makes client more appreciative of the counselor because knowing the diversity within cultures would be beneficial in knowing the right services the client would need. Children should be understand, the importance of counseling because it’s helps them to analyze why they’re in counseling in the first place. One goal of counseling children is making sure the child is knowledgeable about their culture because it is important for them to know the expectation of what their cultures is all about.
Counselors should provide access to resources that will be beneficial to children learning and being competent because getting an education is an important factor in knowing the world in which they live within. These resources are helpful because counselor
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