Counselor 's Assessment

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In the lives of counselor’s assessment plays a great role. Assessments are what shows the counselor what it is that their client is in need of help in. Like our book states, assessment is a complex, problem solving process that allows us to collect information in order to better serve our client (Drummond, Sheperis, & Jones, 2016). I was not aware of how involved counselors are in the testing process until I began this class. I now see that assessments also helps the client understand their own problems as well, it is just up to us to help them interpret the assessment. When using various assessments in counseling, we have to be aware of our clientele and culture we are working in. As counselors, we are to be conscious of controversies in assessments such as privacy invasions, bias test, and even the pressure of the assessment of the children. We are there to help alleviate and to insure these problems do not come to rise. Statistics in assessment is important because it enables us to keep track of how well or below average a student or group of students are doing. Statistics is the number report that we are able to visually see. Culturally, we would need to be aware of the customs, traditions, and values. We need to be mindful of each student or client’s uniqueness and be sure we are equipped with the knowledge to help them through the assessment. Through the code of ethics and the legal issues we are able to follow certain standards to prevent insulting or malpractice.
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