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Well this is not always the case. Count Basie was from New Jersey and played the piano not the saxophone. He went to New York for his big break in jazz got stranded in Kansas City and became one of the most famous jazz musicians of all time. He led us from big band to bebop. He did not always want to play the piano; he also had a love for drums. Lady’s and Gentlemen please give a warm welcome for The King William Count
Lillian and Harvey were blessed with a baby boy on August 21, 1904 in Red Bank
New Jersey. They named their son, William James Basie (some sources say his middle name is Allen). James, William’s older brother, died when he was a small child. His musical talent came honestly. His father was a mellophonist and his mother was a pianist.
Lillian was a laundress and his father was a coachman and a caretaker. As a child William did not always like the piano. When he was a small boy he liked the drums, his father even bought him a trap set to practice on. When he decided to take up the piano, his mother would pay 25 cents for a lady to teach William to play the piano. In addition to his parents working William also worked so he could watch silent films free. Well one day the piano accompanist did not show up so Basie took his place, needless to say he was invited back that evening to play again.
After dropping out of high school in his Junior year, he moved to New York…

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