Counter Job Offer

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Thank you so much for giving me the time to think about the Assistant Director of Admissions counter job offer, the great opportunity and its responsibility. Taking the time had allowed me to further asses important factors that will ensure the success of my ultimate decision.

I have a huge level of peace in my heart as I accept your job offer. I am confident that the decision will lead both Warner Pacific College and myself towards the next level of our purposeful accomplishments. As, I plan my departure from my current employer, restructure my family's setting and establish a successful foundation with Warner Pacific College, I feel that it is my accountability that I look into the the short-term and long-term of my obligations in-depth and plan accordingly.
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If possible, I would love to have a short in-person meeting with you as well, so I can gain a better understanding of your priorities, the daily operations, and what the departmental goal timelines looks like. So, we can establish a reasonable employment start date and make sure I make all the necessary adjustments with some of the project that I am working on, my personal commitments, family plans and pre-scheduled
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