Counter-Protocols Against Human Sex Trafficking

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Global estimates of human trafficking range from six hundred thousand to four million victims each year – the majority being victims of sex trafficking (McCabe, & Manian, 2010). These women, men, and children are considered the backbone of one of the world’s most profitable industries forced to do the unthinkable before being discarded. In response to the overwhelming growth of the business, many nations (including the United States) have set out to prevent, prosecute, and rehabilitate offenders and victims alike. Despite this, many nations struggle to follow the definition of “trafficking” and more people are abducted and sold. As such, revisions to these global efforts need to be made to acknowledge the growing business and to consider…show more content…
Sex trafficking victims often work in deporable, slave-like conditions and have been lured out of their home country on promises of a lucrative job. According to a CIA report, traffickers use their victims’ fear of deportation to keep them under control (Richard, 1999). A study has reported that 40% of the women who were sexually exploited in the United States had no English-language proficiency, and 33% reported very little understanding of or speaking ability in English (Raymond, & Hughes, 2001). In addition, many are raped (not only by clients, but also by traffickers themselves). A victim had reported her own experience, “In the first brothel, there were terrible guards . . . awful perverts. Once they gobbled some pills that prevent men from cumming quickly. They fucked me for five hours straight. I have never experienced anything like that.” (Raymond, & Hughes, 2001) This leaves a devastating effect on victims socially and psychologically that neither policy realize. Having to go through such demeaning acts as well as being abused in all aspects leaves damage behind. For example, protected sex is not a considered option for most victims. As such, HIV/AIDS, other sexually transmittable diseases, and unwanted pregnancy befall
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