Counter Surveillance And Anti Surveillance

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Final Exam: Executive Protection Question 1: Counter-surveillance & Anti-surveillance and their application to Executive Protection Counter- Surveillance would be something along the lines of trying counter measure any possibilities that could pose a high risk or impending attack; this would be either at an event or function the principal might be attending. In this case you would have other members of the team blend in with the crowd of people at said event or function so they can be the eyes in these crowds; which would survey for any suspicious activity by anyone in the crowd whom would pose an immediate danger to the principal you are in charge of. Now with anti-surveillance this would consist of the actions of the party or parties whom wish to cause harm or a threat to the principal; where as they would scan for any but all surveillance you have to as deter it in the sense diverting signals such as GPS signals for accuracy of where the principal might be at. Surveillance when it comes to EP would be the extensive detail of the activities and identities of those whom pose any type of level threat to the principal you are in charge of; basically you are gathering information about the surroundings of said principal. For example, surveillance has two sides to it; the positive and the negative. These being when a terrorist seeks out a specific target (being the principal) plans out everything including surveying the area or places the principal may be at, and here is
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