Counterfeiting Is Wrong

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We’re told that Piracy and counterfeiting are wrong, but how bad are they? When you think about it, we all want the same things; Whether it’s to see the newest episode of that hit TV series or watching a new movie, we want just that! Theater prices are already ridiculous and cable companies are nickel and diming customers monthly making it almost impossible to afford TV entertainment. I say, go for that new streaming device and I can guarantee you that you will find someone who will offer a counterfeit, also known as an imitation of a good not consented for re-distribution , device that’s equipped with pirated downloads for a small fee and you’re all set to cut those cable ties. We live in a technological world and people are eager to explore…show more content…
Starting with those abiding by the law, a pirate would be someone in their job duty to eliminate. This person would be in charge of investigating and setting up meets to track the person down and capture them. Then, there’s the pirate themselves using their illegal work to make money. They find something they’re good at and know how to do and they run with it making it a side business, so to call it. That person would then oversee ensuring the item is set up and ready to go. If there were no more piracy, there would be a potential and rather significant job loss. Eventually with the constant advances in technology, the piracy is going to soar so much that it could potentially drive cable companies right out of…show more content…
When you think about it, when you pirate a movie or music you’re taking what doesn’t belong to you without consent which is the same as stealing. Ethically speaking, I do believe some more research is needed to continue to endorse that illegality. As I stated before, we live in a technological world and people are eager to explore all their options. People don’t want to be forced to pay $40 for two people to get into a movie theater, therefore, they turn to illegally downloading themselves or paying someone to do it for them. I’ve given plenty of evidence to help support my opinion on this topic, but I’m aware there will always be those who disagree with me and that’s ok. My opinion may be biased, but I think cable companies are hi jacking people out of their money and I will not judge any of those who choose to download and stream to cut costs wherever they see
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