Counterhegemonic Globalization

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Simmons 2 Counterhegemonic globalization is “a type of social movement that fundamentally challenges and, in rare circumstances, produces changes and alters the dimensions of the contemporary political or economic order” (Gillies, Counterhegemonic Globalization and the Decline of the Record Industry, pg.2). Essentially what this means is that it is a way of showing distaste for how a system is set up in many parts of the world (often due to the penalties that are more often than not given to the lower class in these cases), and expressing said distaste through attempting to change it. This can obviously cause problems for government and corporations, especially corporations that have a monopoly on a certain business sector, for example Wall Street has a monopoly on stock markets. Counterhegemonic globalization…show more content…
Simply put, BP pretended like there wasn’t a problem in the way they were handling things, and when they came under fire they would lie about it or put the blame on someone else. What they did was they tried to control the message the public was giving them via a method known as ‘corporate greenwashing’, which is a way of giving off the perception that a company’s business model is environmentally friendly, so it can be thought of as putting more money towards advertising how green a company is instead of using it to pursue such practices that would make it so. BP gambled on this and ultimately lost when the Oil Spill occurred; rather than actively doing something about it, they blamed subordinates and contractors to try and take pressure off of themselves while simultaneously showing minimal regard to the impact that their mistake had on the environment. They only made the problem of them getting a bad reputation even worse when they weren’t listening to the public and ultimately paid the price, losing $80 billion and an additional $1.3 billion on criminal
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