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. Counterterrorism Tactics Student: Barbara Bittinger Walden University Abstract The Department of Homeland Security, as a new staff member, had asked if I would familiarize myself with policies implemented post-9/11. This consist of the proposals made by the 9/11 Committee to improve communication all over America. I will create a new policy abiding to the data explain in the USA Patriot Act to improve communication. I’m going to create a policy proposal exclusively focusing on the line of communication that needs to happen if a terrorist act is executed inside the nation. Also, I will put in the policy what will happen in terms of first responders, which will consist of evacuation methods, the utilization of command…show more content…
Moreover, the practice has been around since its foundation throughout World War II (Menzies, 2007). All the infrastructures of this country have been subjected to utilize the modern communication system exploited by terrorist networks. The National Security Agency, the FBI, and the Counterterrorist Center for the CIA are behind in a game that playing catch up in is very critical and expensive when citizens amongst military targets are fair game (JMIC, 2002). Authority and command consist of the supervision of personnel in addition to the tools to be used to achieve the inclusive objective. Worldwide to every authority post are three universal actions that consist of inputs, procedures, and outputs. The input part is communications that are normally intelligence or other data created through reports from the field elements or operatives. Furthermore, the procedure portion consist of making decisions about what should be done about the data received from the circumstances and progress reports (McClung & Rainey, PH.Ds, 2001). The incident commander is required to recognize the individuals that they want to be in continuous communications with and when it is necessary for this individual or group of people meet in

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