Countries In The Axis Alliance

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There were eleven countries in the axis alliance not the usually conceived three. World War II was a horrible time in the world’s history. In World War II, Germany, Italy, and Japan were the main powers in the axis alliance, who were basically the bad guys in World War II. The United States, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union were the main powers in the allies alliance. The Germans wanted to destroy all people that weren’t of the Aryan race. Aryans were tall, blond, and had blue eyes. Anyone who didn’t meet those requirements was deemed racially inferior. Japan and Italy joined the axis alliance because they were guaranteed land when the battle was won for Germany. This is the same for most countries that joined the axis alliance. The alliance…show more content…
Germany guaranteed economic aid to Slovakia and military protection and Soviet territory to Romania. Romania joined the axis powers on November 23, 1940 and Slovakia joined a day later. They also warned Hungary that German support for additions to Hungarian land from Czechoslovak and Romanian territory might change to benefit Slovakia and Romania (USHM). Hungary was mindful of recent German support for adding land in northern Transylvania and was eager for future lands added on from Transylvania to their land, Hungary joined the axis powers on November 20, 1940 (USHM). Bulgaria joined the axis powers on March 1, 1941 after Germany offered them land from Greece and that they did not have to participate in the invasion of the Soviet Union. Yugoslavia joined the on March 25, 1941 after Germany agreed to let Yugoslavia remain neutral in the war against Greece and they didn’t demand transit rights for Axis troops. 2 days later, Serbian military officers overthrew the government that signed the Tripartite Pact. This new country that was created was Croatia who joined the Axis powers on June 15, 1941. On June 26, 1941, Finland, who was looking to regain territory that it lost during the Winter War in 1939-1940, joined the fight against the USSR as a “co-belligerent” even though they never signed the…show more content…
They just lacked something extremely important, coordination. Had the Axis powers coordinated with each other and each other’s armies they could have easily overrun the Allied forces. Germany was very incompetent in regards to coalition warfare. Germany did however succeed in combining military operations with Italy, Finland, Hungary and Romania. Hitler did not however have any plans to coordinate with Japan which could have won them the war. The lack of emphasis on coalition warfare in German officer training, Nazi racial ideology and Hitler’s personality intensified the problems with the Axis powers armies. These problems cost Germany and the rest of the Axis powers the
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