Countries that Apply The Death Penalty

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The freedom to live Up to today, 36 countries apply the death penalty, also called the capital punishment. It is the irredeemable approval of the government to take the lives of people who have done irreparable crimes. In other words, it means that people are taking away the lives of other people in order to punish them for having done extreme actions. But the death penalty does not castigate a convicted person who has done something extremely bad for example like murdering someone; rather it frees the person from his/her misery and does not allow him/her to live with a guilt he/she is going to carry with him/her during his/her entire lifetime. We were all born by the will of God, and considered as a gift to the universe. If we look at…show more content…
By doing so, it is considered as a cold-blooded killing of a human being and the denial of human rights, especially to live. Humans are defined as a source of error, and it’s our mistakes that make us who we are; noting that, there is no act on earth that could make a person less human. However, keep in mind that each of the 2,019 people executed since 1960 are humans and not just numbers. And now, considering us to be a civilized generation, meaning that we know every human right, we should reconsider this death penalty by sending criminals to prison, which is more than enough because there, they get to live a miserable life, and will get tortured, which is what they deserve. Here’s an example of torture for a huge crime committed. In one of the countries, a man was sent to prison for having sexually abused a young lady leaving her to die; in prison, 7 other men were hired to sexually abuse the criminal. This act is an act of torture, which is by far a better lesson than sentence to death for all the others who would get caught for the same crime. If that man got to live long enough to regret the mistake that he did, and then got sentenced to death, the government would have freed him from his misery and gave him peace, instead of keeping him alive leaving him hurt from the inside. In addition, according to statistics, according to statistics, it is proven that countries applying the death penalty have higher
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