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Country Background: Thailand Thailand is in the Southeastern region of Asia surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand, Andaman Sea, and South China Sea. Sharing borders with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia. (1) Thailand is approximately three times the size of Florida, and more than two times the size of Wyoming. (1) The countries government is based on a constitutional monarchy, with military affiliation. (1) Thailand possesses the 2nd largest economy in Southeast Asia after Indonesia; GDP for 2015 is $395.3 Billion. (3) Thailand is the 25th largest export for the United States, and 9th largest East Asian export destination for the United States. (2) Thailand’s currency is called Baht (Bt); 35 (Bt) = 1 (US $). (6,4) Thailand implemented a…show more content…
The rail lines run into almost every port, and while there are plans to improve and add to the lines it would be more accessible throughout the country once we show the government officials that there is interest in Thailand’s resources from large companies. While the transportation is strong in Thailand so are the working conditions. The emphasis of having a stable and ethical working environment is relatively high compared to surrounding countries, while still maintaining a cost-effective alternative for labor. This would be beneficial for us to attract other companies that are socially conscious or in need to find a socially conscious manufacturing country. Evidence II. Thailand is the second largest economy in ASEAN, ASEAN is the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Along with Thailand there are nine other countries apart of ASEAN, these countries include, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. Along with the strong economy and support from other countries apart of ASEAN, Thailand is the 9th largest export destination for the United States (2), so we can be sure of a reputable and stable trade partner that can help our investments gain recognition. Thailand is a country that encourages Foreign direct investment so, it will be very easy for us to get into many areas of their economy once we feel that the market is ready. As manufacturing output shows a decline from prior years the main interest for

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