Country Girl Jewelry

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Background - Country Girl Jewelry has expanded rapidly to the point at which they now have two offices and over 70 employees. There are now larger issues requiring the Security Department to be responsible for secure transactions for online clients, the personal financial data of all concerned, and a safe and secure network situation). Our first step in this process is to look at the situation carefully and, especially in the era of globalization, manage our security risk level by first considering our risk level. Basic risk management for any organization encompasses six general parameters" 1) The identification of a risk within the context of the organization or area; 2) Planning some sort of a process to mitigate the situation(s); 3) Mapping, either formally or informally, the scope, objectives, stakeholders, and constraints; 4) Defining a framework for managing the risk(s); 5) Developing a sound analysis of the risks using as many tools as possible; 6) Finding mitigating solutions using all available tools (Wan, 2009; Frenkel, Hommel, & Rudolf, 2005). Most experts, in fact, suggest that one look at risk as a simple formula: Risk Index = Impact of Risk Event(s) X Probability of Occurance. Security and Risk Management - The basis of security management within a modern organization is a four step program that moves from the general and tactical to the strategic roles within any organization (Crockford, 1986). Avoidance Eliminate risk, not planning activities that could
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