Country Health Care Proposal for Investment in Healthcare Industry

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Running head: Country attractiveness proposal. Country Health Care Proposal for Investment in Healthcare Industry Abstract The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate the factors of attractiveness in the health care industry of Indonesia so that opportunities of investment from abroad are properly identified. In this scenario the example of Singapore is taken as a benchmark since both nations attained post-colonial independence not so long ago and the health care system of Singapore is known to be one of the best in the world. In the first portion, the Indonesian health care system will be analyzed then the second portion will deal with the overall potential it holds in itself regarding improvement and foreign investment. Finally the third portion will discuss Singapore and will brief on the effectiveness of health care. Healthcare in Indonesia In Indonesia, the process of general decentralization was implemented in the year 2001, this had a wide variety of effects on the overall system of health care there though it was not specifically designed keeping in mind the main sector of health. The main affected departments includes health information system, health financing, service provision and human resources for health. Under the process of decentralization, the main responsibility for health care depended upon the regional governments of Indonesia. "Health care should be top priority for any regional government" (Prakash, 2000). The overall situation regarding
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