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It is amazing how two short stories can be so similar but yet so different even when it comes to marriage and gender roles. These particular literary works involve creative writing between the two stories that are being referred to would be The Necklace and Country Lovers. Both these stories are set in different places and keep the readers wondering throughout the story what the ending result is. "And to even consider writing a literature that centers on this topic is truly fascinating and attention-grabbing to any readers, especially to those who are aware of American History and the heightened racial tension between the African Americans and the Caucasians in the South" (Study mode).Country Lovers is a story based on forbidden love…show more content…
Since this story is based back in the 1900's this was not allowed for an African American and a Caucasian man to date by law restricts even if they were madly in love with each other. Both of their parents had no clue about the secret relationship that they both shared.
Between the two short stories, there are similarities and differences. The two short stories that were written in the same style; both of the stories were reflecting the third person point of view. Both of the stories had women as the main character, and both of the women suffered from tragedies that will change their life forever. Both of the stories involved a marriage-or-gender roles theme that tied the two literary works together. In the two short stories, there were multiple differences between the two authors. The Necklace was more about a married couple and how the lady was trying to live above her means that connects more with the theme. While Country Lovers was more about racism/ethnicity by this meaning black women and white men do not date because of the law back then and it was would seem like being disrespectful to the opposite race.
In The Necklace Mathilde finally felt how she imagine herself once her rich friend let her borrow a necklace for the upcoming ball her and her husband were attending. When they attended this ball she felt a little luxury with the new dress her husband bought her and a nice expensive necklace her friend let her borrow for

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