Essay about Country Lovers vs. the Welcome Table

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Country Lovers Vs The Welcome Table There was a time where racism and discrimination was a huge issue. Back in those days, African Americans were treated unequal. There was no harmony between people unless they had the same skin color. Racism and discrimination still exists, but it is illegal to discriminate against anyone, including their race. In this paper, I will compare and contrast the theme of the short stories “Country Lovers” by Nadine Gordimer and “The Welcome Table” written by Alice Walker. Both of these pieces have the same theme involving racial discrimination. They have many similarities as well as differences that I will discuss. These literary works can cause one to gain a better understanding of what many…show more content…
# 5). Since the woman was African American, she was not allowed in church with the Caucasian people. They treated her unequal because of her skin color. Religion also played a big part in “The Welcome Table”, there were many morals included in the story. The most important moral in “The Welcome Table” was to respect others and never to mistreat anyone. Even though the black woman entered a Christian church surrounded by white people, she was not excepted like the lord would have accepted her. If they were to stay true to God’s word, the color of her skin wouldn’t have made a difference. According to Walker, “Those who knew the hesitant creeping up on them of the law, saw the beginning of the end of the sanctuary of Christian worship, saw the desecration of Holy Church, and saw an invasion of privacy, which they struggled to believe they still kept” (cited in Clugston 2010, “The Welcome Table”, para # 2). In those times, discrimination played a bigger role then one’s beliefs, regardless of God’s word. Both of these stories reveal that love is not always unconditional. In the story “Country Lovers”, Paulus denies his baby girl because he thought of her as a “mixed pedigree” and he was sure that it would ruin his reputation if people found out. Gordimer writes, “you must give it to someone”, (cited in Clugston 2010, “Country lovers”, para. # 15). He did not

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