Country, Market Entry & Strategy Analysis: India & Pakistan

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Illuminer, Inc. Country, Market Entry & Strategy Analysis: India & Pakistan This report has been prepared for Illuminer, Inc. a manufacturer of tablets and smartphones. Their smartphones and tablets are assembled in China and then shipped across the world. The company primarily has market share in western markets, specifically the US and across several EU countries. However, as competition is tight between smartphone and tablet manufacturers in more developed western nations, Illuminer has decided to hire KLFH, LLP to explore market potential in two countries with growing 3 and 4G networks – Pakistan and India . Both have telecom companies that have burgeoning data-capable networks and millions of subscribers that would be ripe for…show more content…
In Northern India, where New Delhi is located, the population is 14 million. “It is also becoming the major Information Technology destination of India. According to reports, Delhi and NCR (National Capital Region) accounted for maximum software export from India. IT and ITES have found their place in Delhi and NCR, where the infrastructure provides an environment conducive to making the industry flourish like never before. All major multinationals like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Sony, etc. have their offices in Delhi and NCR,” (“Delhi Capital”). Pakistan Pakistan, formally the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, has the sixth largest population in the world, with more than 190 million people (“The World Factbook”). Originally formed as an independent nation for Muslims from east and west India, Pakistan officially became a republic in 1956. Ranked as having the seventh largest standing military, Pakistan is also the only Muslim nation considered a declared nuclear weapons state. It is a member of the UN and the G20, among other country/regional co-operations and agreements. Despite their successes, Pakistan still struggles with issues such as terrorism, poverty, illiteracy and corruption (“Pakistan”). The telecommunications infrastructure in Pakistan is quite extensive and has been increasingly improving with foreign and domestic investment. Cell-phone users in the country

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