Country People Vs City Country Essay

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Country People vs. City People
The constant buzz of the city or the tranquility of the country? There has always been the debate over country life and city life. The question is, which is better? I am trying to create a new perspective. Country people have advantages over city people and city people have advantages over country people. It boils down to three things, environment, opportunities, and values.
The most prevalent difference between country life and city life is the environment. This can be anything seen with the naked eye or it is an aspect that needs to be exposed over time. First, what we can see with our eyes. Sometimes the easiest things seen are the best parts. Some may say that in the country there are not many places to explore. This is not true; the country has endless opportunities to explore. Nature never becomes boring. The seasons are constantly changing and the opportunities never run out.
While in the city, you have fewer unique places. There is an upside to living in the city, there are new things that do pop up. For example, plays, music events, sporting events etc. With this, you will never be alone. Where as in the country you always can find a quiet place to be alone. Although this is a downside in the city, you have more opportunities to find who have similar interests as you. Another aspect, is crime. There are two different ways to look at this. While in the city you could think that the people are safer due to the fact of guns, or you can
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