Country Profile on Finland

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Country Profile on Finland
Finland is a republic located in Northern Europe between Sweden and Russia, with Norway to the north. Finland is thought to have been settled soon after the Ice Age and first inhabited by the Sami people. By the 12th century, Finns speakers had pushed the Sami people out and Christian mercenaries were preparing to convert Finland. In 1157, as a result of a crusade led by Swedish King Eric IX, Sweden conquered Finland and as such, converted Finland to Christianity. However, by 1809, Sweden surrendered Finland to Russia. The Czar, Alexander I of Russia, set up Finland as a Grand Duchy, establishing himself as its monarch.
In 1917, in the midst of the March Revolution in Russia, where Russians protested as a result of the effects of World War I, Finland took advantage of the time to declare its independence from Russia. In 1919, Finland adopted the constitution that is still used today and became a republic. By 1939, Finland was once again attacked by the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin offered Finland territory in exchange for land that would protect northern Russia from an attack from the west. However, Finland refused to accept this offer and the Soviet Union used force to obtain the territory, starting The Winter War. After a few months of resistance, The Finns lost and the war culminated with the Treaty of Moscow, which resulted in Finland surrendering 1and to the Soviet Union.
In 1941, The Finns joined Germany in attacking the Soviet Union,
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