Country Report: Spain Essay

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Spain is a country which occupies most of the Iberian peninsula of Europe. Spain also governs several sets of islands, such as the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The Spanish culture, language, and people, occupy the majority of the land owned by Spain. Spain’s current population is approximately 47 million people. About 80% of the population is of Spanish heritage (Spain Population 2013). Spain is a Constitutional government, run by King Juan Carlos and it is a member of the European Union. As previously stated, the population of Spain is approximately 47 million. The bulk of the population is between the ages 25-54 and the population is the lowest between ages 15-24 (United…show more content…
in Spain: Social Structure). Women now make up approximately 41% of Spain’s workforce. However, although females are being treated equally and freed from some of their domestic responsibilities, they still don’t receive equal pay. As of 2013, the pay gap between men and women is approximately 16% (European Statistical System). Although the country strongly supports gender equality, equal pay is not an obstacle that they have managed to overcome in the field of gender equality.
Eventhough some citizens may be concerned about the pay gap, Spain is also currently suffering form another problem. Spain is a country that is extremely vulnerable to climate change, which could cause potential disaster. Spain’s vulnerability to climate change is primarily caused by the emission of green house gases. It The large amount of green house gases is caused by several known factors: energy consumption, electricity generation and transport demand . In 2008, Spain accounted for 8.2 % of the European Union total GHG emissions and was the fifth-biggest contributor (European Environment Agency). Since the problem was identified, Spain has made a large effort to reduce the level of green house gases that are emitted. They made an effort to stop using resources such as coal, oil, and nuclear energy;
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