Country Risk Analysis

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Country Risk and Strategic Planning Analysis

Global Business Strategies MGT/448

August 10, 2011

Country Risk and Strategic Planning Analysis Sydney Cove produces the finest Aussie wine on the market. This paper will convey the various risks associated with implanting a forging business venture and identity key components of the organization’s business plan. It is imperative in this business to identify potential harm, define what Sydney Cove stands for and outline potential advantages.
Political, Legal, and Regulatory Risks Sydney Cove Winery is one of the finest wine distributors in the Australia and New Zealand region. Sydney Cove Winery is looking to expand and share their fine wine with the rest of the world,
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The climate in Coonawarra is perfect for wine cultivation for it has bountiful rain and extensive clouds, which maintains the climate at a range of 66 degrees Fahrenheit. The price would be determined on the quality of the grapes and how it will be distributed. Sydney Cove wines will market very high and are targeting middle to upper class clientele. The promotion will be to build and encapsulate the history of Australian wine. The distribution and supply chain risk are very minor. Australia exports products to South Asia and India and built a market share of 16%. This could be the starting customer for Sydney Cove Winery (Countries and Their Culture, 2011). Australia and New Zealand consumes 500 million liters of wine providing large revenue distributed into the economy making wine extremely high demand (Countries and Their Culture, 2011).
Physical and Culture Risk Australia and New Zealand are separated by a major environmental feature, the Great Barrier Reef, which is considered on the Seven Wonders of the World. The reef is protected by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, which is designed to limit human use (Countries and Their Culture, 2011). A potential challenge for the company would be exporting the product via maritime among the Great Barrier Reef and experiencing delays in shipment. The barrier reef currently is on the Northern part of Australia and company production is located on the southern part of the region. Once Sydney
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