Country Values Analysis

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Reflection of Country’s Values: In the United States, people engage in the consumption of alcohol as a means to have a great time, to hang out with friends, or to enjoy as a refreshment at a party. In contrast to other countries like France, where they drink it along with their meals. The commercial for Michelob Ultra reflects how people enjoy a beer after working out and they use it as a reward for their hard work. At 0:44, shows all the people that finished working out, hanging out, enjoying themselves, drinking a Michelob Ultra. The commercial even shows that the beer has low calories and carbs. at 0:48 which is something that people who work out watch out for in their diet.
In the second commercial, Ghost Spuds: Bud Light Super Bowl Commercial, it reflects how drinking a beer with your friends helps your friendship to grow. This is something that you’ll find many people engaging in because it’s a way that we can connect with people. At 0:18, Spuds MacKenzie says to Brian that he is currently missing out on an opportunity to hang out with his friends and enjoy a Bud Light. MacKenzie brings Brian into the past to show him some of the moments that he missed with his friends because he wasn’t there. In the end, at 1:00, MacKenzie gives Brian a box of Bud Light telling him to go to the party and that he’ll be a hero. The commercial implies that when you drink Bud Light with your friends, it helps the friendship to grow.

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