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Countryside Environmental Services Joseph Menna KEY FACTORS • CES, a waste management company, employs Vincent Woodman as consultant and manager to assist in getting a landfill site approved • Conflict arises between Vincent and Gwen, the Office Manager - Gwen also has a power hold on the owner, John Hopkins • Possibility of more than a working relationship between John and Gwen • Gwen is causing tension and problems in the workplace with everyone, due to her perceived family problems • Gwen feels John has taken some of her power and given it to Vincent • Vincent’s arrival has caused Gwen to feel under-rated in the current project and has stressed this fact to Vincent, John and others •…show more content…
John should have notified everyone about Vincent BEFORE the meeting and not DURING the meeting. This is what really upset GWEN. This also caused the lines of command to now be blurred and the NEW organizational structure has not been communicated to everyone. Gwen is the Office Manager and is responsible for the “office”, not outside projects such as this that has been assigned to Vincent. Gwen is stepping outside her boundary and disturbing the project’s success due to her power trips and irrational behavior. Everyone has a job description at Countryside, and Gwen is not following hers. The problem is that John, with the introduction of Vincent, has altered the organizational chart and everyone does not know the new chain of command. Along with this new organizational chart should be new accountabilities. Also, the “job descriptions” should have come from John and not from Vincent – this is what set Gwen off into her outrages because John simply handed everything over to the new guy and not to Gwen who has been there a long time. The text calls this organizational politics and John has contributed to the organization lacking formal rules and reporting
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