County Sheriff-Personal Narrative

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My first run in with the county sheriff wasn't as terrible as it could've turned out. recall the night simply like it was yesterday. The air was a caress from the sun and the breeze carried scents of moistness that had originated from the rain that morning. The moonlight was our guide through the wooded areas and along the way. The stars were a charming sight. It was anything but difficult to lose all sense of direction in their magnificence and in result get lost on your way along the path. The trees that hung over the way gave a sort of nostalgic aura.
The path that my sisters and I walked along connected two apartment complexes.
We were en route home from the neighboring apartment complex when we, my sisters and I, saw what seemed to be …show more content…

I figured it must be somebody they knew on the grounds that not long after my other sister, Ashley, started running over also. I sort of just remained there, restlessly holding up, in light of

the fact that I knew other children were planning something naughty however I likewise realized that my sisters believed them. I thought about whether I should simply proceed back home or in the event that I should go along with them.
The decision was made for me when my sisters called me over. The other kids had run off and had started to spray the fire extinguisher again and we were running with them. I got tired after a while and decided to just walk along the sidewalk and wait for my sisters to get back. That’s when I saw the patrol car coming our way. The sheriff must have seen the smoke and had decided to investigate.
Some of the other kids started to run off into the woods, others back to their apartments. I, being 6 at the time, had no idea what to do. I didn’t think anyone would get arrested for spraying a fire extinguisher, especially if one of the other kids had already run off with

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