Couples Strengths and Weaknesses

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Case Study 2: Steve and Cindy Abstract Martial disagreement is typical within marriages. All couples have a difference of opinions in situations in their lives together. Marital conflict is not a matter of a difference in opinions. Marital conflict stems from a development of unfortunate series of circumstances that have caused a rift in the unity of the partnership of the marriage. The source of marital conflict consists of issues that have boiled up to the point of a severe lack of communication. When married couples stop communicating with each other, they grow farther apart in their marriage. If married couples have the opportunity to identify the causes of marital discord, they will develop healthier ways to resolve the complex…show more content…
The identification of key factors of conflict will help the couple with understanding the thoughts and feelings of each partner. By studying this couple’s case assessment, the focus of their counseling should be communication and conflict resolution. From reviewing the couple’s profile, they both have a similar background. Within their background, Steve and Cindy described themselves as Protestant. Steve and Cindy have children under 18 years old and they are children from a previous relationship. The couple share a similar racial background which is Caucasian. The couple’s background also shows that the marriage has a one income system which mean one partner is financially taking care of the household. This information is crucial in understanding the potential financial conflicts within the relationship. Halford (2003) states that “partners who differ in their ethnic, racial, or cultural background often differ in their expectations and beliefs about the relationship” (p.14). These faith and cultural background contexts will lay down a foundation to develop a strong connection between Steve and Cindy as they work on strategies to deal with their strengths and weaknesses. Identifying Key Areas of Strengths and Weaknesses In studying the different aspects of this case study, it is apparent that the couple’s typology shows that Steve
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