Courage As A Hero

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When you think of a hero, you might think of a superhero who always tends to save the day by helping out someone in need. However, this is not always the case because there are many other things that describe a hero. A hero is not only someone who helps out others in need, but also someone who has lots of courage. With courage comes heroic acts such as self-sacrifice, standing up for what you believe in, and even pushing through when times become most difficult. Anyone with courage can become a hero and perform heroic acts that will not only benefit themselves, but that will also benefit the world; even inspiring others to do the same. People who give their life for others are true heroes because this takes much courage. These acts of self-sacrifice are present throughout the world. For instance, many people join the army knowing that they are putting their life on the line, but to them this is worth all the while because they do not mind sacrificing their life for their country and the people they hold dear. Even ordinary people are known to perform these courageous acts of self-sacrifice; for example, there are many stories of people shielding loved ones and strangers from gunfire, and losing their life in the act. People who stand up for what they believe in; for the sake of themselves and others are also heroes. Standing up for what you think is right takes much courage because there will always be many objectors trying to stop you from making change. However,
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