Courage Definition Of Courage

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Courage is a cornerstone of wartime leadership. Throughout history, Courage has been the defining virtue of the warrior and for good cause. Warriors face frightening and dangerous situations; and the wartime leader must lead these warriors from the front by displaying the courage they expect to see in their men. Without courage, a leader cannot lead from the front nor do the right thing during unfavorable times.
Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines Courage as, “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” ( This definition of courage is very broad and encompassing. In terms of Leadership, courage is composed of two different parts: physical courage and moral courage.
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Strategically speaking, the battle of Belleau Wood was a crucial point for the war effort. If the woods were lost to the German forces would have an easy time moving on to take Paris, which in turn would strike a significant blow against French morale. As the marines arrived they faced an immediate physical threat of being cut down by machine gun fire, but refused to let fear stop them and continued across an open field into a hailstorm of bullets resulting in a thousand deaths. This action undoubtedly took courage for the average Marine and easily meets the definition of physical courage; continuing on despite the risk of injury. The rest of the battle followed suit, with marines being outnumbered, outgunned, under fed, under slept and still continuing on in the face of adversity.
Many Marines displayed courage in the Battle of Belleau Wood; however, First Sergeant Dan Daly became a marine corps legend by leading from the front while demonstrating one of the most staggering displays of Physical
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