Courage In America

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With the 2016 election well under way, people across America are showing support for the candidate they believe in. People being courageous enough to stand up for what they believe in shows how this election season is spreading courage across America. Going to a rally or sharing your political opinion isn’t exactly comfortable and can get a little sticky. However, to be able to look fear in the eyes and stand up to yours fears and challenge it is what makes a courageous person. What their morals are matter more than anything else. Courage makes a person, that’s why standing up for what's right, having your own moral values, and challenging your fears are all so important in today's society. People who have these courageous traits are more likely…show more content…
Knowing what to do in unstable situations plays straight into being stronger than the person or egging you on. This can be seen in the Little Rock 9 going to an all white school and breaking the social norms in 1957. “Within hours, the jeering, brick-throwing mob had beaten several reporters and smashed many of the school’s windows and doors.” This was all over 9 students going to school. Obviously many people were not okay with these African Americans going to an all white school, and they showed in a very unsafe manor. To be one of those 9 African Americans walking to school for the first day must be freighting, maybe some they were angered and wanted to fight back because they didn’t want to bricks thrown at them. These students were warriors, but they fought this battle by being quiet. You didn’t see these students show emotion, they were stronger than the people throw and yelling at them. Their moral values shows that they have a lot of courage because these students didn’t choose to fight back, cry, or give up and go back to their old school. These students were courageous enough from their moral values to understand that if acted out it was only going to hurt them more in their fight against social inequality. The Little Rock 9 showed that moral values are strong which paved the road for future confrontation to allow others rights groups use them as an example for the Civil…show more content…
Only those who are brave and willing to face the worst are courageous enough to face fear. To go more in depth, finding someone who will sacrifice himself for the greater good of someone else is rare to find. These people are special and definitely don’t lack courage. Sergeant Dakota Meyer was an American soldier in 2009 deployed in Afghanistan. He is a true representation of courage and what it means to challenge your fears. Meyer put himself in harm’s way to save 36 people. “I didn’t think I was going to die. I knew I was.” Here Meyer was ready to die for his country. He wasn’t scared of anything. Meyer shows bravery in the heart of fear, but still performing under great pressure. He when back to save people five times, all times he was under fire. He got shot in the arm and kept on moving on. Through all the acts of courage and bravery Meyer didn’t do it to be a hero, nor to get the Medal of Honor, he did it because it was the right thing to do and those were his brothers. He was willing to die for his brothers and that shows how he wasn’t afraid of anything, he didn't care if he lived or died he only cared about the lives of others. Being fearless doesn’t have to be out on the battlefield though, also you don’t have to be an American soldier. In today’s society, coming out as gay is big as it takes a lot of courage and many hide and act as straight because they don’t have the courage to stand up to
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