Courageous Leadership

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Challenges and Opportunities in the 21st Century Each new generation faces its own unique set of challenges and opportunities revolving around the specific circumstances driving the culture of the era. Learning to identify these is vital to creating a leadership strategy that will reach both the ever changing makeup of today’s congregations, and the communities outside our front door. Each new challenge represents an opportunity for the church to establish its relevance and necessary position in the world around us. As it was pointed out in Bill Hybels book Courageous Leadership, the church is a special organization, one that is uniquely equipped to deal with matters of the soul. There are dozens of great organizations that are dedicated to helping in every facet of human calamity but the church is the only one that deals with the condition of the spirit and it is in this area that the church needs to concentrate its focus. This does not mean that the church cannot help in the matters of…show more content…
In order for the church to stay relevant it needs to be willing to reinvent itself as often as necessary. For us to see where we need to grow and how we need to develop, all we really have to do is keep a finger on the pulse of our youth group. The youth group is the future of the church, these are our future ministry leaders our future worship leaders, our future small group leaders and if we’re not creating an atmosphere that they find comfortable and that they know is willing to change along with them, they will find somewhere else that can. Change can be difficult for any organization especially with one that has such longstanding traditions as the church. A good leader can recognize where changes need to be made and communicate that need to the congregation in a way that they will accept and
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