Course 653 Lesson 17

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Lesson 13 through 16 Course 653, Business Research Methods This lesson allows you to elaborate on the work you did in Lesson 12. Using the research proposal you developed in Lesson 12 as a foundation, choose a sampling methodology that compliments your original proposal. Do not include specific questions in your proposal. Use the structure illustrated below. The proposal will be evaluated using, in part, your use of the methodologies described in the text. Restate the Proposition or a Hypothesis developed in Lesson 12 ~ From the example in Lesson 12: “banana quality is falling” Restate the variables in the study ~ From the example above, the dependant variable is banana quality and the independent variable is time Define the…show more content…
Explain why the measurement used is valid, reliable and practical. ~ Petrina and Horace will rate the bananas chosen for the sample on a scale from 1 to 5. The data collected will be ordinal. Using Petrina and Horace is valid because they both have a keen sensibility for the quality of bananas. Each of them has a broad experience in tasting bananas. They are capable of discerning many gradations of banana quality. They are reliable because they are both accounting professionals and can be trusted to accurately and precisely rate each banana they taste. Using Petrina and Horace is practical because their office is next to the warehouse where all the bananas are stored. Explain how the data collected will provide the data necessary to support or negate the hypothesis or proposition ~ Petrina and Horace will rate the bananas chosen for the sample. Of course, they will not be told which group the bananas come from. The ratings will be averaged for each year’s production and the average ratings will be compared. If the average rating for last year’s crop is more than 20% higher than the average rating for this year’s crop, this year’s crop will be judged to be worse than last year’s crop Hypothesis In terms of a descriptive Hypothesis the: A reduction of 193 civilian personnel for Robins AFB will result in a 15% longer lead time for requirements to be placed on contracts. This is an AF initiative to meet a total reduction of 4,500 civilian positions, in response
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