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Dear Sir,
I’m writing this assignment on the basis of a project that is supposed to launch inGriffith University. The purpose of this project is to introduce a system that can help the students attend lectures even in their heavy routine schedules of jobs or any other. Through flipped learning they can overcome this hurdle of time management. The vice chancellor of the department is affirmative towards the project of flipped classroom learning, as this will lead the company towards its competitive edge. Due to launching of this project in Griffith University, the staff members, tutors and the company itself will be feeling valued while working in this university. It can be one of the reasons of teachers productive output.Some extra effort is required to launch this project like the old workers are not aware of this technological system, therefore, to handle it some new skilled IT staff is required which can work on it in a productive way and produce a better outcome of it. For all the above described reasons, this assignment is important and it is requested to be noticed properly.
Anything that is not cleared within it can be asked.
Yours Sincerely


This assignment is about launching an information system in the…
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